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Technical Superiority & Features of Bathroom Cabinet

1, Ring of Overflow Hole
Make of fine copper metarial, and surface electroplated.
It look more artistic, fashion, and durability.

2, Hardware Accessories
(1), Guide Rail : Use of the Brand DTC (international famous), concealed, buffering, mute, and sophisticated design.
(2), Hinge : Using the high-quality hydraulic buffer one. It passed 50,000 times switch test, and 48 hours salt spray test. Make sure that even in a humid environment does not rust or any corrosion.

3, Ceramic Basin by calcining in high temperature.
With high-quality glaze spraying on basin surface, and burn into the ceramic basin body at the temperature of 1280 degree celsius. After that, basin become defying scratch and abrasion. Low water absorption, No radiation, Corrosion resisting, and antibiosis. smooth surface will be very easy to clean.

4, High Glossy Varnish (Paino Painting / Mirror Effect Lacquer)
Piano paint technique, 3 times primer and twice surface painting. It make the surface of cabinet looking like a mirror, high brightness, threedimensional appeal, and having a good touching. Passed international standards certified green paint, comply with the health standards.

5, ECO-friendly Green Plank (Environmental Protection)
International E1 environmental protection plywood. It's water absorption expansivity is 1/30 of other plank material; It's warping and splitting is 1/20 of other plank material; It's metamorphosing is 1/18 of other plank material; So, It's particularly suited for the humid bathroom.

6, Fine Silver Antifogging Mirror
EU standard fine silver mirror, isn't out of shape, imaging clear even in the thick water vapour.