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OEMs & ODMs Services

Original Equipment Manufacturer

ROCH Sanitary Ware Limited is one of the biggest and the most professional bathroom cabinets' providers in China. We have more surplus manufacturing capability, and more excellent manufacturing skills. We provide a OEM solution with good services, high quality, low price. In order to increase the number of output and improve more new technology , ROCH goes into partnership with many foreign companies.

OEM ROCH partner program:

This program has been setup to bring OEM partners a complete and innovative BATHROOM CABINET platform to meet their customers requirements.
Join the program! You will get to:
  • Benefit from our training programs, supports center, consulting services;
  • Increase your BATHROOM CABINETS' sales, thanks to your diversified sanitary ware products;
  • Maximise your margins;
  • Have the best integration of your products, certified through our QA labs;
  • Use the best factory which have 8-years of experience and hundreds of clients;
  • Participate to future products test plans.

Original Design Manufacturer ( Low Cost Design )

ROCH Sanitary Ware Limited is an original design manufacturer(ODM) providing the lowest cost, highest quality, and the fastest delivery of bathroom cabinets to ODM manufacturers worldwide.
As the world becomes increasingly competitive, ODMs require a new business model to stay at the forefront of technology. ROCH is changing the paradigm with a business model that capitalizes on our strengths and provides superior products and services to our customers.
As an original design manufacturer, ROCH focuses on three strengths that allow us to provide ODMs with superior product over traditional contract manufacturers. We pride ourselves on operational excellence including our utilization of 5s, LEAN manufacturing, Kaizen, and ISO standard practices.
Do not hesitate! ROCH bathroom cabinets will be your wise choice !