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Technology & Craft of Cabinet

As we all know, are involved in soil and wood, oil and paint industries will certainly take a series of environmental technology to deal with, in order to ensure that their products can be applied to a home to go, and to ensure that whichever harmless to human body, which is indispensable a small step, but also a crucial step. Bathroom cabinet composed mainly of countertops, cabinet two parts, to be good environmental health products, it is necessary to start from the two most.
1, the counter: can be divided into ceramic countertops and stone countertops.
Ceramic countertops typically ceramic countertops and ceramic pots integration, is the choice of kaolin (commonly known as Feitianyan mud) after special treatment, high pressure grouting casted, impose crystal glaze, to be fired at high temperatures until it is fully crystallized and become, it has a high density, easy to wear, smooth, non-stick dirty, non-absorbent, no radiation and so on.
Stone countertops, marble countertops are typically accompanied or artificial stone countertops pool specially made ceramic pots, use non-toxic, non-radioactive high-quality artificial stone countertops, high-density non-porous surface, does not accumulate dirt, mildew and bacteria will not easy cleaning and maintenance. Corrosion-resistant, non-fading, long-term use, glory still. Intimate only sink design: unique only to sink countertop design, to avoid accidentally flow when there is water inside the cabinet table, reducing the chance of the cabinet to be immersed in water, the thoughtful design to ensure product quality and longevity.
2, the cabinet:
Solid wood cabinet is usually chosen Thailand and Malaysia imported oak as the original material, after all kinds of sawing carving molding, closed after four times the underlying oil and grinding process to ensure that moisture can not invade the wood essence layer; plus three patch polished primer layer to ensure the cabinet surface is smooth, remove the rough feel of wood itself; and finally a variety of patterns corresponding to the color of the corresponding surface paint layers, completed dried. Oak is a kind of unique quality wood, not afraid of flooding is its inherent outstanding pedigree, after drying, non-absorbent, non-corrosive, stable and other characteristics, it is the unparalleled elegance.
Cabinet making process used by the oil and paint are made ​​of high quality green paint, in line with the national standard (indoor wood furniture standards for harmful substances), pollution, health and environmental protection to ensure safety and service life; the use of clean paint technology, the surface is smooth, strong texture, surface is not easy to turn yellow; professional treatment processes 10 layers paint, lacquer combined with firmer, product and more moisture; corrosion resistance, excellent wear resistance, no peeling, no shedding, long life; grease, dirt only gently wipe need, you can go out in addition to, easy to clean, to ensure bright as new. Truly ensure quality, while also protecting the health of you and your family.